Commercial Carpet Maintenance – Different Than Commercial Carpet Cleaning

A Commercial Carpet Maintenance program is not the same as a cleaning program as you will see by reading the articles contained on this site. Commercial carpet maintenance is a proactive approach to carpet care. A cleaning program is a reactive approach. Here is what I mean using a house as an example:

When getting carpets cleaned in a house the typical scenario is that some type of “event” happens causing a cleaning company to be called in. These events could be a large spill, a pet accident or more commonly – the occurrence of a family event such as a holiday gathering. Normally, someone will look down at the carpet a week before the gathering and say “this carpet looks like crap! Call ABC Carpet Cleaning!”

Commercial Carpet Maintenance

The same thing happens in a commercial office setting all too often. The Facility Manager or building owner/manager will walk in and say “this place looks like crap! Call ABC Carpet Cleaning!” These types of buildings normally do not have a proper commercial carpet maintenance program implemented.

The problem here is twofold:

  1. ABC Carpet Cleaning may be great for your Moms house and they do a great job but they may not be equipped to handle the soil load and soil type that occur in a commercial setting.
  2. By the time a commercial setting “looks like crap”, it is often too late to bring it back to %100.

This is why it is so important to have a commercial carpet maintenance program implemented and geared towards a particular building. This is what this site will address in as many ways as possible.

I will strive to cover all the bases when it comes to a proper commercial carpet maintenance program as I am not a distributor of any cleaning products or machines. I have however used almost every system on the market on every type of commercial carpet in every type of commercial setting. I have been involved in cleaning the carpets in small office buildings to implementing commercial carpet maintenance programs in some of the countries largest office buildings.